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Wash away your troubles with bubbles

Bath time has always been my favourite time to spend with my baby boy. Nothing is more beautiful than the bond between mother and child in these intimate moments; the giggles, the curiosity, and the closeness is sheer bliss. Unfortunately, it is also a time that agitates my sons’ sensitive, eczema prone skin. As a result, I am very mindful that the products I use on him are pure, ultra soft, and ethically sourced.

There are a range of products that promise such qualities and I fell in love with a hooded towel that vowed to see him through his first year from age 0-12 months. By 3 months old however he had outgrown this and was no longer wrapped from head to toe. In my efforts to find a replacement I learned that this is a standard sizing label, which is awkward as it becomes too small far too quickly. The rate of growth in a baby’s first year is exponential and any garment that claims to fit the duration of these first 12 months is highly misleading.

I desperately wanted to wrap up my babe in his cute, hooded towel for just a moment longer. Taking matters into my hands I researched, developed, and designed exactly what was needed. AquaLux Baby Company was founded to give your little one the highest standards of care while giving moms, like you, more time to cherish the moments you love.

Soft as a snowflake falling onto my skin


Baby boy with sensitive, eczema prone skin in AquaLux bath hooded towel, made of bamboo material, ideal for delicate skin
As parents we only want what’s best for our children. This is why AquaLux Baby Company sources the highest quality luxury materials that are soothing and kind to delicate skin. Every baby should feel pampered with the softest, gentlest, most absorbent fabric to the touch. Bamboo is our favourite choice for this reason, and you can learn more about why it should be yours too here.

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